Vegetarian Wrestlers

Veg*n WWE Superstars, Past and Present:

Veg*ns of PROGRESS Wrestling:

PROGRESS is just such a veg*n-heavy company that they and their featured athletes completely deserve a distinct mention.

More Veg*ns of Wrestling:

  • Evan Adams (vegan). Twitter. (Source is Twitter bio as of Dec. 7, 2017.)
  • Allie AKA Cherry Bomb (vegan). Source. Twitter.
  • Kevin Blackwood (vegan). Source. Twitter.
  • Markus Burke (vegan). Source. Twitter.
  • Flyin’ Ryan Burke (vegan). Twitter. (Source is Twitter bio as of Oct. 14, 2017.)
  • Ryan Hendricks (vegan). Twitter. (Source is Twitter bio as of Nov. 23, 2017.)
  • Candy Lee (vegan)Source. Twitter.
  • Ryuku-Dog Dingo (vegan). Twitter. (Source is Twitter bio as of Oct. 26, 2017.)
  • Veda Scott (vegan). Source. Twitter.
  • Ashlee Spencer (vegan)Source. Twitter.
  • Ultramantis Black (vegan). Source. Twitter.
  • Visage (vegan). Twitter(Source is Twitter bio as of March 23, 2018.)
  • Shane Whitehead (vegan)Source. Twitter.

Please send any additions or corrections to @MeatlessRib on Twitter. With the increasing number of vegan and vegetarian professional wrestlers, we want to encourage it and document it accurately!

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