Introducing Meatless Rib

Meatless Rib is a website that ultimately seeks to discuss the art and politics of professional wrestling.

(The name and logo—seen below—are a play on a joke from Being the Elite.)

The Goals of Meatless Rib

As can be discerned from the website’s name and its list of vegan and vegetarian wrestlers, there is a special emphasis on wrestlers who abstain from meat.

Meatless Rib logo

But Meatless Rib doesn’t seek to only discuss the diets of the industry’s performers. The site also seeks to celebrate wrestling as a uniquely cooperative and expressive “sport”, for all of its visceral drama and athleticism.

Ultimately, the website is founded upon a belief that today’s generation of wrestlers and audience are both evolving in encouraging directions.

This evolution is not limited to diet!

For one example, consider the following Sami Callihan tweet, which was part of the wide backlash to Sexy Star ostensibly trying to injure Rosemary after a match:

Meatless Rib seeks to attract like-minded wrestling fans who support this generational shift away from machismo and towards camaraderie (the latter always having been somewhat inherent to the business of fictional fighting).

A guiding principle of this website is that professional wrestling is a liberating alternative to real violence. So when performers emphasize caring for each other (or, with their diets, caring for nonhuman animals), it’s deeply resonant with Meatless Rib’s priorities.

The Scope of Meatless Rib

As the Meatless Rib audience grows, the website’s offerings can also grow, but right now you can expect regular coverage of New Japan Pro WrestlingWorld Wonder Ring Stardom, and WWE’s NXT.

Also—to be clear about the site’s broader political perspective—Meatless Rib hopes for a world of economic, gender, and racial justice. A core element of the website’s mission to promote pro wrestling as a radically cooperative artform, but imperfections in the industry still exist.


Your readership is greatly appreciated. Expanding the website’s offerings is directly dependent on the size of our audience, so thanks for being part of it!

(Meatless Rib is operated by Devin Wilson.)

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