After One Year of Meatless Rib

A year ago today, I launched Meatless Rib, inspired by two ideas.

First, the idea that there was a remarkable shift happening in pro wrestling culture towards progressive values, which included a measurable move towards vegetarianism/veganism by the wrestlers themselves.

Second—inspired by the political evolution of games writing—the idea that there could be a new kind of pro wrestling criticism, one which was both unabashedly political and far more qualitative, detailed, and nuanced than match ratings.

While I still strongly believe in the former, I’m unfortunately not convinced that the latter is sustainable in any real sense. At least, not through a lens as specific as the former.

I had a lot of hopes and goals for Meatless Rib, and—unfortunately—things haven’t worked out like I wanted them to.

For example, it’s uncommon for any given review on the site to get double digit readership. When the site is reaching that few people after this long, it’s hard to justify the energy required to write carefully about wrestling (versus just watching it for fun). And with big tournaments like Stardom’s Five Star Grand Prix and New Japan’s World Tag League looming large on my calendar, I’ve needed to think hard about whether I can dedicate the required time to covering those and other events.

I’ve decided that I really can’t. So, as a result, I will not be writing about wrestling any longer.

After one year of Meatless Rib, this is as good a time as any to re-evaluate. And with the site’s readership plateauing months ago, I don’t think it’s premature or unreasonable to make this decision.



(PS: I’d love it if you checked out my other projects at my personal website.)