PWG Review: Time Is A Flat Circle

Rey Horus vs Joey Janela ***1/4 Fast-paced, entertaining action, but I have to say: it took some significant mental energy for me to get used to the new venue! I felt a bit disoriented! I unfortunately felt a bit like the the match got off track around the middle, but they recovered and put on a good show (however spotfest-y).

Jake Atlas vs Eli Everfly vs Douglas James vs Brody King This one had a lot of the spotfest feel of the previous match but with a lot more clunkiness and clearly blown spots. All these guys seem to have potential at the very least, but this didn’t come together great.

Bandido & Flamita vs Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier ***3/4 Really cool acrobatics throughout, and Wentz & Xavier have some especially good chemistry, I think. This match was spectacular without losing a competitive feel, so it was very easy to like.

Adam Brooks vs Will Ospreay ****1/4 It seems like someone yelled something homophobic at Ospreay pre-match, but it seems like he shut it down pretty well. Some good action, but Brooks seemed to take a backdrop sorta wrong on the outside and it looked nasty. When things got a bit more on track and Brooks was able to tap into his personality, this got a little more interesting and then hit some really dramatic peaks.

Jeff Cobb vs Jonah Rock ***3/4 I think this is a better matchup on paper than this ended up being in reality, but it wasn’t bad at all. It was fairly slow-moving, but I don’t know that a faster match would have been better or even appropriate for these two.

Matthew Riddle vs Zack Sabre Jr. (vegan!) ****1/2 Awesome technical start on the mat, and it stays that kind of a match for a number of entertaining minutes. It then becomes a bit more about power for a while (and you can imagine who that favors), but it’s a really cool and competitive-feeling matchup from bell to bell.

PWG World Title Match: Chuck Taylor (c) vs Keith Lee ***1/2 Chuck providing a plaintive running commentary over the PA was really entertaining and added a unique quality to the match, but that idea didn’t sustain for very long. The crowd seemed to have kind of a weird vibe for this one, though, and the action didn’t blow me away. This match just didn’t work for me the way it maybe could have, but it was better than okay.

Post-Match Talking: Chuck Taylor & Keith Lee **** Super emotional stuff from both guys.

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