Veggie Update, March 2018: Bryan returns, ZSJ wins, HoF veg*n wrestlers!

There have been a lot of veg*n-related events in the wrestling world recently, and there have been some updates to the list of vegan and vegetarian wrestlers that I’ve needed to make. I’ll start this post with a rundown those additions!

“New” Veg*ns and Honorable Mentions

Some these new additions are folks who went veg*n after their wrestling career was over, and that includes former WWE star Eva Marie, as reported by VegNews.

There are also three WWE Hall of Famers who went vegetarian late(r) in their lives: Lou Albano (per the December 3, 2012 Wrestling Observer Newsletter), Jimmy Valiant (per page 358 of his autobiography, available at Amazon), and Nikolai Volkoff (per this article, as well as the March 20, 2015 WON).

Also new to the list of vegan wrestlers is the active, UK-based Visage!

And although her WWE/NXT career unfortunately ended at nearly the same time as her change to veganism, Kimber Lee (Abbey Laith in WWE) now ranks among the Vegan World Order, as announced on her Twitter (which you can follow here)! Here’s hoping she makes an excellent return to the indies.

Now, on the subject of WWE, there are a couple of honorable mentions I’m adding to the list, as they sure seem awfully veg*nish without confirming it outright:

In a recent Instagram post, Becky Lynch alluded to being on a “plant-based diet”, but I hesitate to assume it’s a permanent move. (Still, it’s very exciting.)

Similarly, 2017 Meatless Rib “SJW of the Year” Award winner Sami Zayn has made some social media posts (one, two, three) that suggest—if nothing else—moments of ethical veganism. Like with Becky, I don’t want to assume too much, and—like with Becky—he is more challenging to confirm than, say, a UK indie wrestler who I can just DM on Twitter.

Six-Star Veg*nism

Another small piece of news is that I’ve added folks’ Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards to their achievements on the Vegetarian Wrestlers page, except when the awards were unflattering (because some of those “wrazzies” are not the fault of the individual and—hey—why be cruel?).

This only seemed appropriate, considering the Best Technical Wrestler award is named after veg*n star Daniel Bryan, and this award has been won by either Bryan himself or fellow Meatless Rib favorite Zack Sabre Jr. since 2005.

HE IS… The Vegan Socialist Ace, and—YES!—More Veg*n Wrestling News

Speaking of ZSJ (WON Best Technical Wrestler for the fourth consecutive year) he won a little tournament called the New Japan Cup, and he will now be wrestling Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. That’s exciting for a ton of reasons; not only is ZSJ now an undeniable star (if he wasn’t already) but that’s going to be a terrific match… with a vegan IWGP Heavyweight Champion on the other side of it perhaps…?! We’ll see… (I expect Okada to win and face Tanahashi at Dominion with them both tied at 11 defenses, though).

Also, it’s worth mentioning that over in PROGRESS Wrestling, a couple of veg*ns traded their tag titles: vegan Mark Haskins won half of the belts at Chapter 63 but vegetarian James Drake got it back at Chapter 64.

Oh, and you may have heard that Daniel Bryan is wrestling in WWE again. 🙂

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